The Perfect Little Black Dress for Early Summer 2016

I’m a Native New Yorker which means most of my closet is the expected color — black. I will admit that wearing any other color of any kind does confuse me and not make me feel as confident when I walk into a room. But rest assured, color — bright and muted — has definitely been added to my closet.

#ootd #whatiwore Zara Black Dress With Frills Side View

My old standby for any event is a Little Black Dress and now that summer officially starts on Tuesday, I find myself reachingĀ for a LBD both for work and play reasons. Little Black Dresses come in so many styles and are perfect for so many occasions.

#ootd #whatiwore Zara LBD with Frills

I found a Little Black Dress perfect for Early Summer 2016. I say perfect for Early Summer because it is a thicker material than I would wear during the oppressive July and August humidity mostly commonly felt in the Concrete Jungle I live in. Early Summer clothing means thicker material because nights could still be 60 degree weather or less and so could early mornings when walking to work. It’s like a Spring plus wardrobe.

Zara #LBD

Zara had this flirty off the shoulder dress with frills in black and white in store and red online. At $22.90 it was an absolute steal. I’ve paid far more for a dress not nearly as flattering. I bought the small which on my 5’9 frame is shorter than how it will fall on most people but I’ve never been afraid to show a little leg.

Zara LBD Summer 2016

Even my Instagram husband said I looked fantastic in the dress and he’s never steered me wrong in the three and a half years he’s been taking my photos for my blog Insta feed.


I’ve been showing shoulder a lot lately and since it is not only a summer 2016 trend but also a comfortable look for me, I really like this dress. I’ll wear it not only for date night but also dinner with the girls!

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