Customized Skincare by Skin Inc

What’s your beauty regimen like? In my 20’s I never really had a beauty routine. Honestly, I just tried not to pop any pimples, moisturized regularly (don’t forget your neck and behind the ears, my friends would advise) and tried to avoid going to bed with my make-up on, even if I was dead tired. Although I’m now in my thirties, I still get complimented on how young I look, which is great to hear but I’m definitely starting to notice the subtle changes caused by health issues, aging, my lifestyle and the environment.

If you take a look in my medicine cabinet you’ll see I’m pretty low maintenance and I’d like to keep it that way (no over flowing drawers filled with multiples of the same products in my house) but I’d like to start incorporating more easy to use beauty products into my daily routine to keep my skin looking fresh and youthful.

Girlfriends and I have discussed the varied products we swear by, and often times we’d run out to try it for ourselves only to be disappointed that it din’t have the same wonderful affect our friends gushed about. Let’s face it, everyone’s skin is different and will need a range of different products to cater to our own special needs.

Skin Inc Sephora

I recently headed to Sephora on 34th street here in NYC to check out Skin Inc’s new online tool, Skin Identity and My Daily Dose Serums  which is an award winning line of 9 serums that can make hundreds of different combinations using 3 blended serums that are customized to meet your own skins unique needs. Just like a yummy signature drink that’s infused with all of your favorite ingredients, think of the My Daily Dose Serums as a cocktail with all the best ingredients to enhance and improve your skin.

Skin Inc Sephora Event

Can you believe, before last week I had never had a facial before? I know, so long overdue but I was beyond excited to try out this 15 minute mini version after a long week. When we got started my Skin Inc consultant introduced me to the easy to use Skin Identity, a digital skin evaluation tool made up of interactive questions about the user’s lifestyle and environment, that are used to figure out the state of the skin’s current condition and then focuses on the most concerning issues.

Without a doubt, stress levels, diet habits, exercise and other factors play a huge role in the condition of our skin.  With the Skin Identity questionnaire women can discover what their skin is lacking and prioritize how to treat it while also monitoring and adjusting their needs over time as factors like weather and dietary needs constantly change.


As the questions are answered, the user can watch their Skin Identity being built on the screen, with each color coded line representing a concern for the skin. At the completion of all the questions, the tool will have generated a unique bar-code that represents the current condition of the users skin. Afterwards, 3 key issues that are being experienced are highlighted in a final diagnosis and then the tool prescribes 3 serums that will be combined to treat the problems found.


The 9 individual serums that are made in Japan, are custom-blended (with 0% scent and 0% parabens) for every person based on their unique needs. My Daily Dose uses a one-of-a-kind patented Alginate Seaweed Encapsulation Technology which protects active ingredients inside soft, moisture-rich, bead-shaped capsules.  After cleansing and exfoliating, you will mix drops of each of the three serums together and apply to your face, followed by a moisturizer and hydrating mask. Once my answers were assessed by Skin Identity, the consultant and I discussed my dry skin and my Remicade induced (used to treat my Crohns disease) psoriasis patches and my lack energy. And as a result I was recommended these three serums for my personal blend:

French Pine Bark Serum REPAIR: solves stressed skin, sun-damaged skin

Coenzyme Q10 serum RENEW: solves tired skin needing an energy boost for cell renewal, aging skin.

Ceramide Serum REINFORCE: solves roughness, sensitive or sensitized skin, dryness

I’m sure unlike me, many of you have indulged in a facial once or twice, if not weekly but if you haven’t already tried out Skin Identity and the My Daily Dose Serums I would totally recommend it. The process was a great way to discover the factors effecting my skin and to find products that would effectively treat those issues with a very personal skincare regimen that can be found at Sephora and

Danielle Wilson is an educator, assistant wedding coordinator and lifestyle blogger at Dellah’s Jubilation . You can find her living in the moment in NYC with her hubby and two lil’ monsters while beating Crohns disease. Follow all of their adventures on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

NYCWFF Style – JCPenney Liz Claiborne

It takes someone exactly four minutes into meeting me to realize I love food. Both sides of my family come from cultures that enjoy food and celebrations around the dinner table.

So when JCPenney offered me tickets to the Ronzoni’s La Sagra Slices event at the New York City Wine and Food Festival last week along with the opportunity to dress head to toe in their Liz Claiborne brand I signed up.

Here’s the look I put together for the event.


I chose a blue short sleeve sweater dress. It came in tall, regular, petite and plus. I chose tall.

I wore the Blondie style black suede booties. Super fun to wear. Just the right amount of heel.


The four strand layered necklace was the perfect way to accessorize my neck with this dress.

My ears for the first time in a long time wore silver earrings. Large drop hoops.


And a set of three bangles adorned my wrist. The heart accents were pretty.


And yes, there was a jacket. See it on the back of the bench? It’s fall after all! I found that I didn’t need the short trench I chose but I was happy to have it in case the temperature dropped.

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