Summer Travel Essentials

Over the holiday weekend I took full advantage of everything summer. I stepped out of my sandals onto the sand and ran into the ocean forgetting how cold it would be at first touch. My hair turned into beach waves that can only be created with the perfect combination of heat and salt in the air.

Coopers Beach 2015

I only brought an overnight bag with me. I like to travel light when I head to Southampton. That usually means I only take summer travel essentials along with me.  Besides my smartphone I bring these with me –

  1. a light summer read — paper copy, never a downloaded version
  2. a way to watch Netflix when traveling to my destination — rainy summer forecasts mean bingeing on shows
  3. sunnies — to cover the bags under my eyes when I don’t feel like applying makeup and to shield my eyes from the sun
  4. camera — so we can share the job of documenting memories
  5. lipstick — because when you pair it with sunnies it can elevate a beach outfit to a look perfect for dinner.

With these things I can conquer all that the travel season has in store for me — delays, GPS not working, unexpected weather changes, lost bags.

#TravelTipZzz Summer Travel Essentials for Beach Getaway

I’ve been looking forward to true summer weather since winter reared it’s ugly head. And now that it’s here I’m ready to travel around every change I get to see friends and family — and hopefully get some beauty rest, too! On those nights when I have trouble resting, I take ZzzQuil from the makers of Vicks® NyQuil™.

It’s a non-habit-forming sleep-aid for the release of occasional sleeplessness.  It helps me fall asleep easily, sleep soundly and wake refreshed. Sleeping away from home can still be a dream — even when it seems like fireworks continue to go off long after the main show has finished. No matter, summer is all about having great experiences and if I am exhausted it won’t be as fun. It’s a no brainer that I would opt to ensure that a change in environment doesn’t stop me from getting the right amount of sleep. (Here’s a link for a ZzzQuil coupon to help you!)


A lot goes into planning getaways whether they are just for the weekend or a few weeks long. I never worry about packing — often waiting until the night before — but I do make sure to pack smart and usually just with a carry-on especially if I am traveling during holiday weeks with large amounts of travelers. A quick trip to the local pharmacy when I arrive at my destination allows me to pick up things that can’t tag along in my carry-on. And it helps trip planning be less stressful.

#TravelTipzzz lifestyle graphic
In my make up bag, I always have sunscreen, makeup wipes that double as face wipes to get the summer weather, lip color, ponytail holders for when you have to put your hair up and dry shampoo. With those beauty essentials in my make up bag I’ll have a happy summer no matter where I go!

For more #TravelTipZzz for traveling in style, check out ZzzQuil on Twitter and Facebook and these blog posts from Kelly in the City and The Cubicle Chick.

This post has been sponsored by Vicks®

Goodwill – Donate Stuff Create Jobs

Ever look in your closet only to find the dress you thought you would love for one more season no longer being your style? Between those moments occurring and my love for the KonMari method over the last two years, I have done frequent closet purges.

If my friends stop by while I’m tossing clothes from seasons past in bags they get to chose whatever they like otherwise it goes to my local Goodwill. I’ve been a huge fan of donating my wardrobe to Goodwill every season because the revenue from the sale of my donated clothing helps fund job training and placement opportunities for people with disabilities in the community. Works for me.

I also tend to clean out my kitchen and living room of items I no longer need and those items also count towards helping others. In 2013, more than 261,000 people earned jobs thanks to the programs and support services made possible by donations of clothes and household items.Goodwill #DonateStuffCreateJobsWant to see how much your donation will help your local community? There is a Goodwill Donation Impact Calculator where you put the items your donating and it will show how many hours of career counseling, on-the-job training, resume preparation, financial planning classes and other services you’ve helped provide someone facing challenges to finding employment. 

Spring is finally here so get rid of some clutter and help others! You’ll feel great and your home would look it!

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