Meow Parlour – New York City Cat Cafe

I may spend quite a bit of my free time — and possibly work hours — enjoying dessert. So when I heard Macaron Parlour was opening Meow Parlour downtown my little heart said Nice to meet you, where you been? Oh wait, that was probably Taylor Swift, who by the way the cafe has given VIP access.

Victoria At Meow Parlour Cat Cafe 46 Hester Street New York NY

Either way, I knew I wanted to find my way into what would be New York’s first permanent cat cafe. Nothing seemed more relaxing than spending time with some rescue kitties while indulging on macarons.

Lucky for me, my friend Rachel rocks. Wepa! And she invited me to her private party at Meow Parlour before it opened to the public on December 15th. Good friend, right?

Rachel And Victoria Meow Parlour Cat Cafe NYC

Even better, she ordered the macarons for her party while drunk so there were pretty much a million great flavors for me to enjoy. I found myself overwhelmed with all the choices. My macaron favorites were the hazelnut, raspberry chocolate and apple cider caramel.

macarons at meow parlour

Want to hear about the cats? Every single last one of the cats that walked around (or in the case of one I sat next to who catnapped) are available for adoption via Kitty Kind the no-kill shelter here in the city. Some of the cats were playful. Some of them rested to the side on their own. Often they climbed the various wall structures that were created especially for them.


Meow Parlour is a cat playground where people can equally be as comfortable with tabbies, calicos and short hairs on the floor pillows or at the high tables with stools. Feline fun for everyone!

Victoria Petting Cat At Meow Parlour Cat Cafe

Meow Parlour Calico CatThis visit is how I started my Saturday night and I loved every minute I was with purrfect company. And yes, I did check to find out more information about my favorite feline — Squinkles — but Kitty Kind wants her to be adopted with her sister. My apartment definitely isn’t a two cat home. So I’ll just have to go back to visit her and the other awesome cats at Meow Parlour.

Meow Parlour Cat Nap

If you want to go visit the cats or find out how to adopt one (or two) visit the Meow Parlour website. Sessions start at $4 for a half hour.

Meow Parlour Cat Cafe

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