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Feeling Blue

I stopped in the GAP yesterday because I needed a ridiculously casual outfit to wear to a breakfast this week.

I picked up a pair of the 1969 raw-edge legging skimmer jeans because well .. take a look.

GAP 1969 Raw Edge Legging Skimmer Jeans

I’m completely in love.

I paired it with a white textural sweater with a white GAP Body tank underneath. And they will both look great with a pair of nude heels I already have. Quickest shopping experience ever.

GAP Oversized Sheer Blue Floral Top

On my way out I saw the cutest blue floral top on sale so back into the dressing room I went. It was made with the softest fabric and while it was oversized and sheer so I had to wear it over a GAP Body tank, I really didn’t mind.

I will probably wear it with a black or nude tank underneath. I didn’t like how it looked with the white one under it.

GAP white jeans

The top will go well with white jeans and later white shorts when the weather starts behaving like it should.

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Clean Out Your Closets for Goodwill

Disclosure: This post was made possible through the support of Goodwill. All opinions are my own

Now that spring is here, I have been looking through my closet to find everything besides winter clothing to wear. But in between my much missed maxi dresses and skirts, I found clothing I have no interest in wearing anymore. Some because I’ve lost more weight since last spring and others because I just don’t love the look anymore.  And that’s where the local Goodwill comes in.


Goodwill not only takes clothing I no longer want and hands me a receipt that I always forget to use when doing my taxes but there is something even more awesome that happens when I donate.

Donating used clothing (and household goods) helps create jobs directly in the community. That’s great motivation for me to clean out my closet more often and rid myself of clothes I really don’t plan on wearing again.

Goodwill Spring CleaningNeed some help decluttering? There’s a handy guide you should check out. Knowing that by cleaning out my closets helps someone have a job is too amazing to not share with everyone.