Holiday Ready with Silk’n ReVit


My job requires my face to be on television. A lot. And often at hours that require heavy makeup so that I don’t frighten viewers before they’ve had their first cup of coffee!

As a result of that job requirement, the only time my face is really my own is when I am home. In the privacy of my home, I often wear absolutely no makeup. When my friends come over, they know it’s pretty normal to see me makeup free.

They know my workdays include airbrush makeup, makeup from brands that aren’t kind to sensitive skin and often acne causing makeup. And they don’t give my home face a second thought.

On my days home when I have time, I exfoliate my skin to try and improve it. And lately I’ve been using Silk’n ReVit — a microdermabrasian device. It removes dead skin so that I can have a flawless complexion which leads to compliments and who doesn’t want to hear fantastic things!

Silk’n ReVit is always ready and allows me to save hundreds of dollars since its an at home microdermabrasian device. I don’t have to go to an aesthetician. Professional results no appointment necessary! (Lately, fitting DreamDry and my local nail salon appointments seem to be a challenge so I welcome one less appointment!)


I keep my Silk’n ReVit in my medicine cabinet and so it’s within reach whenever I want to use it. And it’s gentle on my skin, just using a vacuum stimulation to reduce age spots, fine lines and acne scars. There are three tips that come with the device that can be used of different parts of my face, neck and hands.

I’ve been relying on it lately to help me get my face prepared for all the holiday party photos that will be taken. The only thing I wasn’t prepared for is that I’ve already had one friend try to take it from me!

Here’s a little beauty bestie discount so you can get your own! From Oct 15th to Nov 20th 2014 coupon code GIRLSNIGHT gets you 15% off storewide* excluding Flash&Go, Flash&Go Luxx , Flash&Go Long Life Upgrade Kit, and  Flash&Go Long Lasting Lamp

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Macy’s Holiday Windows Event

Growing up here in New York City, the Macy’s windows were one of our favorite stops each holiday season. I would watch Miracle on 34th Street with my mother and think of how cool it was that all of those letters came in for Santa.

Miracle on 34th Street Image

This Thursday, (November 20th) I’ll be heading to Macy’s Herald Square at Broadway Plaza for the big reveal of this year’s holiday windows at 5PM.

Kris Kringle and actor James Earl Jones will countdown to drawing the curtains on the window display and at 6:15 they will screen Miracle on 34th Street for everyone in attendance!

If you are in town, you’ll definitely want to stop by and see the magic that is a Macy’s holiday!

James Earl Jones HSQ Image

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