Hairfinity Hair Vitamins and KUWTK

I’m probably the silliest person my friends know because when we go into a restuarant bathroom I often stop to take a photo. No matter who is watching.

Hair SelfieMost of the time, one hand is playing with my hair in the photo. How could you have a bad day when you are being silly in a mirror. Am I right? Sometimes those photos can change the mood I have had … hello rainy Mondays … and for that reason I am happy to embrace my silly side every chance I get.

Know what’s also super silly… my viewing habits on Sunday night. I curl up on my sofa and watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians. You better believe I will admit to watching reality TV. It is the greatest way to relax after a long week or in my case, get prepared for a long work week and the grumpiest of days — Monday.

Kim Kardashian West and Khloe Kardashian have teamed up with Hairfinity Hair Vitamins.

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins is a natural vitamin complex formulated with essential vitamins and nutrients for healthy hair. Adults take two capsules daily and start to see visible differences in the amount of hair they shed! And Hairfinity Hair Vitamins encourages healthy hair growth by nourishing hair from the inside out, with a blend of natural ingredients that has been proven to promote hair growth!

I love my hair… blowout queen that I am… I love being able to just concentrate on my outfit and have a set style for my everyday look — center part, curls at the ends is my go-to. Sort of a beachy look. It goes with my style and day to day activities perfectly.


Are you a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians? On April 26th at 10PM EST, join us for a Hairfinity Twitter party during the latest episode! Follow along with hashtag #HairfinityStyle for all the fun and prizes as we talk feeling beautiful inside and out!

Disclosure: I am a Niche Parent Network & Conference Influencer. Thanks to Hairfinity for sponsoring today’s post. #HairfinityStyle #ad

John Hancock Vitality Rewards Healthy Living

On Wednesday, I headed over to Vanderbilt Hall inside Grand Central to the John Hancock Vitality Village interactive healthy lifestyle pop-up.

John Hancock partnered with Vitality — a personal wellness incentive program provider — to announce that their life insurance now rewards you for living a healthy life! And the healthier your lifestyle, the more you save on things you love!

John Hancock Vitality Village #5MoreNow

That sounds like something that needs to be explained a bit more, right? OK… here are some details. The program, which integrates with personalized health technology, including wearables like Fitbit®, offers participants rewards and discounts from major brands such as Amazon, Hyatt, and REI, just for walking, having regular check-ups, and engaging in other everyday healthy activities.

John Hancock LA Fitness #5MoreNowFrom ginger apple green juice blends created by nutritionist Keri Glassman to an intensive LA Fitness run boot camp, John Hancock wanted attendees at Vitality Village to realize how much they can easily follow the #5MoreNow concept. Financial advisors were also available to provide a free assessment of the financial fitness of visitors.

I loved the interactive stations where I took a healthy selfie and answered gameshow-esque questions before getting a massage but one of the biggest draws was the giant sneaker! Lacing up your sneakers and walking is definitely one way to be healthier no matter how active you normally are.

Chris O'Donnell John Hancock Vitality Village #5MoreNow

For the launch, John Hancock Vitality also teamed up with NCIS Los Angeles actor Chris O’Donnell to further get out the word about them recognizing consumers’ healthy steps to physical, emotional and financial wellness.

To find out more about John Hancock’s whole new approach to life insurance that rewards consumers for healthy living visit

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